Sunday, March 20, 2011

Getting my eye lashes done in a time like this. Insensitive? Think again. こんな時にまつエクって「不謹慎」?この言葉はどれだけ日本の経済を悪化させてるんだろう?



"Insensitive" has been a key word in Japan these past few weeks since the earthquake in Miyagi. People that write about topics unrelated to the quake are called out as being "insensitive." Going out to dinner is "insensitive," getting your nails done is "insensitive." Advertising in a time like this is "insensitive." Understandable, but how long will this last?

Despite people's opinions. I'm going to move on starting today.


I'm going to write about new topics. I'm going to get my eye lash extensions, go shopping, and go out to dinner with my friends. I'm going to go back to being normal.


How insensitive! We, Japanese people, are too concerned with what others think.


This word, "insensitive," is putting Japan in further danger. It is putting a halt to consumer spending and creating an even bigger economic impact than than the earthquake and tsunami has caused itself. It is affecting not only the Japanese economy, but the global economy. It is spreading the aftermath of the quake to affect the entire world.


The best thing we can do is to go back to normal.


Going back to normal doesn't mean to forget.


Being "sensitive" isn't what's important. Being "concerned"even after the medida coverage settles down, and after awareness begins cooling off is what's most important. Because even after it disappears from the news, the victims of the earthquake will continue to face hardships for years to come. With an economic downturn, everyone becomes desperate to put food on the table just for themselves, how are we going to be able to help those in need in that kind of economic condition?


And that's why I'm going to move on. I'm going to move on to save the economy. I'm going to move on because that's the best thing I can do to help those affected by this terrible disaster recover as soon as possible.